Wonder Wheel


feature film

role: lighting td, model/lookdev artist

Competencies: Texture painting | shader dev | render optimization | comp look-development

vfx: brainstorm digital


2017’s “Wonder Wheel” features Coney Island’s Lunar Park in the 1950s as a digital set extension visible throughout most of the film. To strike the historic accuracy with art-direction we recreated iconic structures like the long-gone staunch baths, and the still operating wonder wheel, but also needed countless ‘filler’ booths and buildings that could be used to set-dress the background.


We created a library of procedural shaders that could be adapted and mixed easily into a vast array of unique surfaces. For mid- and background buildings, we created modules (roofs, floors, decorations, etc), that could again be assembled into unique structures we scattered to lend life to the bustling amusement park.



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