Z - The Beginning of Everything

television. (Amazon)

role: cg supervisor, lighting td

seasons 1

vfx: the molecule


Set in the 1920s, period drama “Z – the beginning of everything” featured ‘Great Gatsby’ aesthetics that called for elaborate set extensions throughout its first season. Without a doubt the money shot, we follow the protagonist out side NY Penn Station to reveal a historic Manhattan, bustling with life and energy.


An automobile parade on 5th Avenue, 1915

As New York’s original Pennsylvania Station was demolished in 1963, the practical shot was conducted at Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse which was then redressed to stand in for the historic railroad station.

With the major elements of architecture, crowds, automotive, and fx, and increasing work on 5 other tv-series, the molecule’s cg department needed to staff up significantly.
After extensive study of period records and photography, all all cars had to be created by the molecule’s asset team lead by CJ Chun while VFX Supervisor Nico del Guidice set up layout and tracking. Our freelance Houdini artists created setups for atmosphere, exhaust and smoke. Traffic and crowd rigs were created using Maya and Adobe Fuse.


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